10 - 13 December, 2018, New York

Worldwide Nursing (WNC) Conference

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Nurses are by far the major component of the health workforce. For this reason nurses are in a strong position to influence positive outcomes for those we serve. This year’s Worldwide Nursing (WNC) Conference theme is a reminder to all nurses, that our actions today, be it in research, education and/or clinical care, and as nursing leaders and professionals, area legacy that will be inherited by nurses of the future and by those who are the recipients of our efforts and achievements.

A conference, such as the Worldwide Nursing Conference – WNC 2021, is an opportunity to disseminate our accomplishments; adding to our body of knowledge and contributing to our professional development.

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Nursing: Creating a legacy through excellence in research, education, clinical care and leadership.

  • Nursing Research: examining its contribution to knowledge, attitudes and care
  • Nursing Education and History : making a difference through teaching and learning and appreciating our past
  • Clinical Care: recognising the positive impact on health outcomes
  • Nursing Leadership and Professional issues

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Our Speakers

Brian Watkins

Web Designer - Acme

Judith Flores

Full Stack Developer - Initech

Rose Hawkins

Art Director - Globex

Zachary Scott

Interaction Designer - Soylent

William Hanse

Content Strategist - Hooli

Jane Roberts

Front End Developer - Vehement

Jacob Freeman

UI Designer - Massive Dynamic

Frank Ferguson

Visual Designer - Globex

Jacqueline Knight

Content Strategist - Umbrella IT

Betty Hopkins

UX Designer - Initech


Annual Worldwide Conference – WNC

WNC 2021 is listed under the Singapore Nursing Board(SNB) Continuing Education program (CPE). Nurses and Midwives can claim up to 10 CPE points by presenting their research work at this International conference. CPE consists of various nursing/ midwifery educational activities that maintain and develop the knowledge, skills and professional practice of nurses / midwives.

WNC 2019 Conference Proceedings: All accepted and presented papers at the conference (WNC 2019) will be published in the conference proceedings (Print ISSN: 2315-4330, E-Periodical : 2315-4349).
Book: Selected authors will be invited to contribute book chapters in “Contemporary Issues in Nursing: An International Perspective”to be published by GSTF & WSPC.
Best Paper Awards and Best Student Paper Awards will be conferred at the conference (in order to qualify for the award, the paper must be presented at the conference).
 WNC 2019 will also constitute a Special Panel Session.
Panel Proposals are invited for submission. A minimum of three papers centering on a specific topic will be accepted for submission under Panel Category.

Best Research Paper
Dr. Paul Glew
UWestern Sydney University, Australia

Best Student Paper
Mr. Seng Giap Marcus Ang
University of Newcastle, Australia

Best Student Paper
Ms. Evangeline Pui Wah Lam
Lam Ka Lam
Chan Sze Man
Ms. Chan Lok Ting

School of Nursing & Health Studies, The Open University of Hong Kong

Best Paper Awards 2017

Advancing Nursing through Education, Leadership and Quality Assurance

Best Research Paper
Dr. Susan Ka Yee Chow
Tung Wah College, Hong Kong

Best Student Paper
Maurice Lee Santos
National Children’s Hospital, Philippines

Editor’s Choice

Patrick Ristau
Protestant University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Advancing Nursing Practice through Clinical and Professional Excellence

Best Research Paper
Dr. Angela Chia-Chen Chen
Arizona State University, USA

Best Research Paper
Dr. Sharadha Ramesh
Indira School and College of Nursing, India

Best Student Paper
Sheena Ramazanu
Yishun Community Hospital, Singapore


Javits Center – 655 West 34th Street, New York, Ny 10001

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