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Best Paper Awards 2016

Best Research Paper

Dr. Akila Muthukrishnan
Sri Ramachandra University

Dr. Uzoma Uwakah
Samuel Merritt University

Dr. Kaitlyn Gregory
Fox Chase Cancer Center

Best Student Paper

Ms. Feng Lin Qi
Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Ms. Fatimah A Almuhsen
King Fahad Medical City
Saudi Arabia

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Workshop: An Introduction to Conversation and Discourse Analysis, by Prof. Michael Hazelton, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Selected Paper Submissions for Oral Presentation at WNC 2017 (as at 11 March 2017)

Degree of Disaster Preparedness of Families: Determinants and Correlates
The Frequence of Chronic Diseases and A Health-Promoting Lifestyle In A Group of Elderly Romani People Living in Northern Turkey
Panel Presentation: Creating Safety: Healthcare and Police Response As Critical Entry Points for Immigrant South Asian Women Experiencing Domestic Violence. Preliminary Findings Based On The Voices of Women Survivors and Frontline Responsers
The Extent of the Application of Virginia Henderson's Theory in the Different Areas of Amai Pakpak Medical Center
Nursing Diagnosis and Collaborative Problem among Hospitalized Patients in University of Sumatera Utara Hospital, Medan
Getting your Voices Heard’ Incorporating the participation of marginalised groups in a learning resource for student nurses on a Community and Public Health Module.
Growing our Own ‘Building the General Practice Nursing Workforce from the roots up’
Critical Thinking Development:Using Explicit Instruction and Technology
Modeling of Profression and Recovery Time of Hypertension Patients: A Case Study at Bahir-Dar Felege-Hiwot Referal Hospital, Ethiopia
What are the current opinions and perceptions of clinical staff towards caring for obese patients? Key debates and issues: A qualitative research study in a Cardiac Centre in Bahrain.
ICU Quality Improving Project: Improving The Quality & Efficacy of Nursing Handover by Using SBAR
Policy and Research in the Israel Ministry of Health's Nursing Division
Comparison of Self-Perceived Cultural Competencies among Different Levels of Student Nurses
Level of Performance of Wards’ Staff Nurses in Rendering Care among TB Patients in Selected Government Hospitals in Fourth District of Quezon Province: Basis for Enhancement
Determining Immediate Nanay Assessment (INA) Module As an Effective Factor to the Knowledge and Self-efficacy of Barangay Health Workers
Permissive hypotensive resuscitation in adult patients with traumatic haemorrhagic shock: A systematic review
A cross-sectional study: Collaborative learning approach enhances learning attitudes of undergraduate nursing students
R Package For Power Analysis And Sample Size Determination
Exploring Registered Nurses’ Attiutudes Towards Postgraduate Education In Australia
Health And Safety Hazards Faced By Health Care Workers In Selected Public Hospitals In The Tshwane Health Care District In Gauteng, South Africa
Pattern Of Occupational Exposure To Patients’ Body Fluids Among Health Care Workers In Tikur Anbesa University Hospital
The Impact Of Academic Literacy Strategies On Student Learning In An Undergraduate Nursing Program
Influencing Parental Education Among Infant Healthcare Providers Working In Remote Rural To Enhance Infant Care Practices Among Bedouins And Refugees
Caregivers' Experience Following Hip Fracture In Elderly Patients: Strengthening The Delivery Of Integrated Nursing Care
A Study Of Perceptions Of Male Infertility Among Men In The Accra Metropolis, Ghana.
A survey: Knowledge about breast cancer and health beliefs towards screening practice among menopausal and postmenopausal women
Effect of Holistic Nursing Program Integrating Reiki to the MAP of Pregnant Women who Diagnosed with Hypertensive Disorder
The Time of First Antibiotics Administration after Sepsis Onset & Overall Sepsis Management in Hong Kong one local hospital
Exploring experiences of decision making in adult pre-dialysis patients and carers
How to sexually transmitted infection (STI) more efficient.
Effects of an online discussion forum on student engagement and learning in a first year undergraduate nursing unit: an action research study
An exploration into preregistration student nurses experiences of caring for cancer patients. How have attitudes and experiences changed in the last ten years?
Nurses' Perception of Their Work Environment and Intent to Leave
The Factors Affecting Nursing Students’ Learning in Clinical Practice
Gender differences in sleep patterns of shift workers: Comparison of sleeping patterns before and after a 16-hour shift of Psychiatric nurses in Japan
Shifting pedagogical priorities in facilitating mixed methods research including postgraduate student's reflections.
Knowledge and Misconceptions on Cardiovascular Disease among Nursing Students
Individual and Marital Characteristics, Childhood History, Knowledge, and Attitude Of Northern Thai Men Who Physically Abuse their Wives
Freedom Feeling and Internalized Stigma: Comparison of Psychiatric Inpatients and Outpatients
Challenges and solution strategies for public health nurses in promoting empowerment among community organization activities in Japan: Findings from a focus group interview
Disparities in Healthcare among Vietnamese immigrants in the United States
Factors Related to Burnout among Home Visit Nurses in Japan
Infection Control Plan in Nursing Home
Anxiety, Depression Levels and Some Specifations of women Who Apply To Infertility Treatment
The Association between Post-traumatic Stress Symptoms and Sleep Quality among Mothers of Toddlers
Using Problem-Based Learning in the Clinical Setting to Improve New Graduate Nursing Students’ Critical Thinking: An Meta-analysis
Literature Review: Caregiver Burden in Chronic Disease and Nursing Interventions for Caregivers
Patient-Centered Process Optimization in a German Emergency Department – A Best Practice Model for the Continouus Improvement of Quality and Patient Satisfaction
Doing the little things: the meaning of compassionate care to Scottish student nurses. Findings from an Exploratory-Descriptive Qualitative Study.
A Pilot Study of Computerized, Tailored Intervention to Promote HPV Vaccination in Mexican-heritage Adolescents
Factors affecting burnout in female nurses with preschool-age children in Japan
Brief Report: A Single Case Study of the Advanced Practice Nurse Role in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Management
Experiences of flipping an online classroom: An appraisal using Community of Inquiry framework
Clinical education models for undergraduate nursing programs
Development of Nursing Students’ Competencies: Learning From Examples
A descriptive study on knowledge and attitudes regarding neonatal care and associated factors among mothers attending antenatal clinics in a teaching hospital, Sri Lanka
Time to Embrace Role Playing in Nursing Education
Effectiveness of Information Education and Communication (IEC) package on quality of life among patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) –India
Collaboration between Health Care Institutions and Nursing Schools on Clinical Education
Body dissatisfaction among advance level students –Sri Lanka

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