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Best Paper Awards 2017

Advancing Nursing through Education, Leadership and Quality Assurance

Best Research Paper
Dr. Susan Ka Yee Chow
Tung Wah College, Hong Kong

Best Student Paper
Maurice Lee Santos
National Children's Hospital, Philippines

Editor's Choice
Patrick Ristau
Protestant University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Advancing Nursing Practice through Clinical and Professional Excellence

Best Research Paper
Dr. Angela Chia-Chen Chen
University of Arizona, USA

Best Research Paper
Dr. Sharadha Rameh
Indira School and College of Nursing, India

Best Student Paper
Sheena Ramazanu
Yishun Community Hospital, Singapore

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2016 Accepted Papers

Paper Title DOI#
  Level of Performance of Wards’ Staff Nurses in Rendering Care among TB Patients in Selected Government Hospitals in Fourth District of Quezon Province: Basis for Enhancement  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.15
  A Cross-Sectional Study: Collaborative Learning Approach Enhances Learning Attitudes of Undergraduate Nursing Students  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.19
 The Impact of Academic Literacy Strategies on Student Learning in an Undergraduate Nursing Program  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.23
 Effects of an Online Discussion Forum on Student Engagement and Learning in a First Year Undergraduate Nursing Unit  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.35
 An Exploration into Preregistration Student Nurses Experiences Of Caring For Cancer Patients - Ten Years On  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.36
  The Factors Affecting Nursing Students’ Learning in Clinical Practice  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.38
  Shifting Pedagogical Priorities in Facilitating Mixed Methods Research Including Postgraduate Student’s Reflections  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.40
 Knowledge and Misconceptions on Cardiovascular Disease among Nursing Students  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.41
 Challenges and Solution Strategies for Public Health Nurses in Promoting Empowerment among Community Organization Activities in Japan: Findings from a Focus Group Interview  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.44
  Disparities in Healthcare among Vietnamese Immigrants in the United States  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.45
 Factors Related to Burnout among Home Visit Nurses in Japan  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.46
 Improving the Quality of Care in a Central Emergency Department in Germany  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.53
 Factors Affecting Burnout in Female Nurses with Preschool-Age Children in Japan  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.56
 A Single Case Study of the Advanced Practice Nurse Role in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Management  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.57
  Experiences of Flipping an Online Classroom An Appraisal using Community of Inquiry Framework  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.58
  Clinical Education Models for Undergraduate Nursing Programs  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.59
 Development of Nursing Students’ Competencies: Learning from Examples  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.61
 Locus of Control and Healthy Life Behaviors of New Nursing Students at A University in Turkey  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.63
 Effectiveness of Information Education and Communication (IEC) package on quality of life among patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) –India  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.67
 Collaboration Between Health Care Institutions And Nursing Schools On Clinical Education  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.68
  Implementing Clinical Nursing Supervision in Singapore Hospitals  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.76
  Sundowning: Effectiveness Of Teaching Among Nursing Students  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.78
 Simulating the Refereed Publication Process to Guide Postgraduate Student Cocreation of Content  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.90
  The Use of Listening Dyads as Part of Peer Reflection: Capturing Values Based Nursing Practice  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.96
 Factors Affecting Burnout in Japanese Female Nurses ―Comparison of Childless and Non-childless Nurses  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.102
 Nursing Students’ Perceptions About Roles Of Pediatric Nurses And Clinical Practices  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.109
 Continuing Professional Development: Integral to the role for everyday practice in healthcare  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.123
  Nurses' Perception of Their Work Environment and Intent to Leave  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.128
  Social Media, E-Professionalism And The Image Of Nursing:How One Nurse Can Reach Many!  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.129
 The M.U.S.E. project: A nursing-centered MUltidimensional aSsessment of Elderly outpatient with comorbidities  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.27
  Caregivers' Experience Following Hip Fracture in Elderly Patients: Strengthening the Delivery of Integrated Nursing Care  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.28
 A Survey: Knowledge about Breast Cancer and Health Beliefs Towards Screening Practice among Menopausal and Postmenopausal Women  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.30
 The Time of First Antibiotics Administration after Sepsis Onset and Overall Sepsis Management in One Local Hospital in Hong Kong  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.32
  Gender Differences in Sleep Patterns of Shift Workers: Comparison of Sleeping Patterns before and after a 16-hour Shift of Psychiatric Nurses in Japan  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.39
 Individual and Marital Characteristics, Childhood History, Knowledge, and Attitude Of Northern Thai Men Who Physically Abuse their Wives  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.42
 Doing the Little Things: The Meaning of Compassionate Care to Scottish Student Nurses.  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.54
 A Pilot Study of Computerized, Tailored Intervention to Promote HPV Vaccination in Mexican-heritage Adolescents  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.55
 The Use of Acupuncture in Cancer Pain Management  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.77
  Community Functioning of Patients Having Schizophrenia and its Relationship with their Selected Variables  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.80
  Caregivers’ Falls Concern For Older Persons In The Singapore Community  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.82
 Assess the Knowledge and Practice of Prevention and Management of Childhood Anemia among Mothers of Preschool Children in Selected Anganwadi Centres of Thrissur, Kerala, South India  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.83
 The Relation between Natural Therapy and Physiological at Diagnosis in Breast Cancer  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.93
 Factors Related to Sense of Coherence (SOC) among Nurses in Japan  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.100
  Struggling to Find an Eclectic Way: Parenting and Adolescents’ Health in Chinese Immigrant Families  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.112
 Needs And Satisfaction On Palliative Care Among Cancer Patients With Regard To Quality Of Life During Hospitalization  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.113
  Implementation of Automated Stimulations on Interrupting Apnea of Prematurity  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.115
 Factors Influencing Medical Decision- Making For Seriously Ill Patients In The Acute Care Hospital  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.130
 Counselling People with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.131
 Sexuality in Women with Gynecological Cancer  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.135
 Life With HIV in Turkey: Qualitative study  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.137
 A Review of Flexible Management for Patients with Congestive Cardiac Failure (CCF): The Implementation of Post Discharge Rapid Response Teams (RRTs)  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.138
  Anxiety and Depression Levels of Women Who Apply For Infertility Treatment  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.145
 A Descriptive Study on Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Neonatal Care And Associated Factors Among Mothers Attending Antenatal Clinics InA Teaching Hospital, Sri Lanka  10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.147

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